Lost in translation


This is a true story: I recently bought a small pack containing 5 innocent looking plain cosmetic brushes.

When I opened the pack at home, I saw to my surprise three bits of instructions on the back of the card on how to go about using these brushes. Little did I know what awesome story would unfold!

1. Want to get acme of beauty makeup the effect?
Beauty is dressing tools to help you achieve this beautiful desire! Makeup an art, in accordance with the requirements of the professional make-up and make-up tool design, unique style of brush designed for different parts of the face and body “degree”, you can customize pleasantly surprised, you can also with beauty makeup stars brilliant!

2. Makeup tips:
Start from the forehead to the temple, and saul went evenly on face pigments, when the cheek, from zygomatic top in a way down the along the cheek red brush, until the skin completely, and harmony. In the first round of the cheek blush brush, can create a baby face white in the red face make-up effect, from zygomatic place if bob gently back and forth to saul, embodies the rouge nature effect.

3. Note:
Please keep supplies of clean after, bacterial growth, as there is damaged, affect makeup effect. Please change the new brush.

The brain whirled and it took a little effort to calm down and disentangle the neural pathways!

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