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Two further podcasts by Love Osho; on death, therapy, not falling asleep and working in Osho’s library.

TuriyaEpisode 47 – The royal liberation – 19 March 2019

Turiya is a transformed human being who has been through deeply significant moments in her life. Death taught her how to let go of the inessential (including royal titles) to focus on what counts: the truth. When Turiya found Osho, she recognised him as a Master and promised herself not to fall asleep and miss the chance to become awakened. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

KavishoEpisode 48 – Why Osho read over 100,000 books – 26 March 2019

Kavisho was involved in sorting out the incredible amount of books in Osho’s library. In this episode she talks about Osho’s love affair with books and his respect for human intelligence. Osho had an extraordinary capacity to absorb, digest and elaborate knowledge available through books. Yet Osho’s genius transcended the mere intellectual dimension into a mystical combination of intelligence, love and infinite compassion. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

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