Japanese Spring: entering the wonderland of Meera’s paintings


Svagito’s invitation to an Art Exhibition with Workshops in Munich, 30 May – 2 June.

Flyer for Meer's Exhibition

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This year again, at the time of Meera’s birthday, we will be having an exhibition and workshops around creativity. We rented a gallery in the heart of Munich, near the train station to make it easy for everyone to join.

As the subject of this event we chose: ‘Japanese Spring’. The cherry blossom season was very important for Meera; she never missed a single year to watch this magical show of beauty that happens in Japan at the beginning of April.

To witness flowering cherry trees in all their abundance is a unique experience and has a long tradition in Japan. Nowhere else on this planet can we see anything like it – one almost feels as if something has descended to earth from the beyond. Cherry blossoms or ‘Sakura’, as they are called in Japanese, represent the fleetingness of life. They last for only a few days; then suddenly they fall to earth like snow. Meera once said that they die dancingly.

Meera used to pack her car with all her painting equipment and drive to her favourite spot, then sit under the trees for hours and days, and look and paint. I remember once when a woman, passing by and watching Meera paint, said, ‘Is that really possible in one’s life?’ I understood what she meant. Meera’s paintings of cherry blossoms transport us into another world, a world of silence and beauty and lightness. A place where we suddenly feel weightless and free, just like those cherry petals when they shower down on us.

Meera made hundreds of paintings of flowering cherry trees – each one so unique. Her style and interpretation of the flowers had changed many times over the years, each painting depicting a certain mood and energy.

In the exhibition we will see, among others, a whole variety of cherry tree paintings, night paintings with the full moon, all in Meera’s unique blue.

During each of the four days that the exhibition is going on, there will be a few workshops that focus on different subjects but are still around the theme of finding our creativity. From painting to dancing, from trying to understand what blocks us from diving into meditation, everyone can find a workshop that will suit them.

Or just come for a visit and enjoy these magical paintings, born out of a joyful, silent heart that knew how to dance with the cherry blossoms when they start falling and disappear, before reappearing the following year.

We will be happy to have you with us and enjoy together four days of celebration with what Meera has left here for us from her life.

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Flyer for Meera's Exhibition and Workshop

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