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Love Osho’s podcasts (one year in!) – these two from the last two weeks: on Human Design and the art of writing.

ChetanEpisode 51 – The Human Design system – 16 April 2019

Chetan is on a mission to bring Human Design to the world at large. His professional future was accurately predicted by a shadow reader in Bombay. After 30 years the prophecy has been fulfilled and he is now a world-leading expert in Human Design and bestselling author. Chetan combines charisma, competence, professionalism and love for the Master in a wonderful blend of heart and intelligence. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

ViramoEpisode 52 – Osho’s 93 Roll-Royces – 23 April 2019

Two minutes into Dynamic Meditation was all it took to change Viramo’s life forever: from addiction and misery to the feet of an Enlightened Master. He has learnt the art of living the life of a spiritual materialist or a materialist spiritualist. As a talented writer he recently ghostwrote the intriguing story of Osho’s 93 Roll-Royces. At 82 years of age Viramo is energetic, vibrant and totally in love with life. Go to podcast on Love Osho website…

Chetna and Swaramloveosho.com/podcast – more contributions by Swaram and Chetna on Osho News

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