Awareness of dreaming brings dreams to an end

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (115)


Osho 60s

Man lives not in reality but in dreams.
Each mind creates a world of its own
which exists nowhere.

During the day as well as the night
the mind is swamped in dreams.
When the dreams become too much, too intense,
insanity results.
To be clear and healthy is to be without dreams.

Once, the president of a country went to inspect
the nation’s largest lunatic asylum.
The director took him to a room and told him:
In this room, the inmates suffer from car-phobia.
The president, curious, looked through the window.
But there is nobody there, he said.
They are all there, sir – under the beds repairing cars,
the director replied.

Everyone is lying under their dreams in the same way.
If this president had looked within,
what would he have found?
Is not every capital a great madhouse?
But one cannot see one’s own madness –
this is a sure trait of madness.

When someone starts doubting himself,
seeing his madness,
know well that the time has come
for his insanity to go.
Awareness of madness marks the end of madness.
Awareness of ignorance heralds its end.
Awareness of dreaming brings dreams to an end.
What is left is truth.

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