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Love Osho Podcast turned one year. And the great news is: the show goes on!

At the end of April Swaram and Chetna released their 52nd podcast. It was an enormous feat: one podcast a week for a whole year – each Tuesday on the dot! Considering that they both have full-time jobs and during that time recolated from London to Singapore (new home, new jobs).

“We took a break, predominantly due to work commitments, and we can’t wait to be back on track.

“During this year of podcasting, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response, and tons of encouragement. We started on an experimental basis – without technical knowledge or previous experience – only driven by a strong desire to connect with Osho’s lovers, and to give space to those courageous people who have given up everything to be with the most controversial man of the century. …And today they are happy to share what they imbibed living with an Enlightened Master.

“The Love Osho podcasts can be taken at different levels: as historical archive of first generation disciples; as an educational tool, learning more about Osho and the stories of the people who lived with him; and/or learning from some of the leading authorities in their respective fields in human development; as an inspirational tool for self-development through the rich variety of programmes offered by sannyasins; as a way to connect with Osho and perhaps feel the call to jump into his energy field and become part of it.”

The next episode will be out tomorrow, Tuesday, 11th June. You can go directly to Love Osho Podcast or visit Osho News later this week where you find it under Web Watch >> Podcasts

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