You are not separate from the whole


“Man alone is misery. Man plus god, and all misery disappears; misery is transformed into ecstasy,” states Osho.

Osho darshan (13)

But man has to become part of god, man has to dissolve into god. One has to learn the art of dying in god, because that is the way of resurrection.

Ecstasy is possible. Each moment can be ecstatic and each moment can be a higher ecstasy than the preceding one. One can go on from one peak to a higher peak, from peak to peak. Only one requirement has to be fulfilled and that is that we should not think of ourselves as separate. We are not separate.

To think of ourselves as separate from existence is illusory, and that illusion creates fear, anxiety, anguish. That illusion gives us the idea of birth and death, and with birth and death we are crushed. Between these two rocks we can’t be ecstatic, it is impossible. When death is there, how can you be overflowing with joy? It’s impossible. How can you ignore death?

But the moment you start learning that you are not separate from the whole there is no death. You have always been here before your birth, and you will always be here after your death. You are an intrinsic part of the totality, of the cosmos. Then immediately all fear, all misery, all sadness, disappears. And what is left behind is ecstasy.

Osho, Dance Til the Stars Come Down From the Rafters, Ch 18 (unpublished excerpt)

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