Never be afraid of tears

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Sometimes a few words, even uttered by ordinary people, can fall in the right soil of the heart and can bring great transformation.

What to say about words of a Buddha?…


Thereupon the impact of dhamma
Moved the venerable Subhuti to tears.
Having shed tears, he thus spoke to the lord:
‘It is wonderful, o lord,
It is exceedingly wonderful, o well-gone,
How well the tathagata has taught
This discourse on dhamma.
Through it cognition has been produced in me,
And it is indeed no perception.
And why?
Because the buddhas, the lords,
Have left all perceptions behind.’

It is very rare that a man of the qualities of Subhuti will cry and weep and tears will come to him. But when such compassion, when such love from Buddha is showering on him, when such diamond words are falling on him like rain… he was overwhelmed.

Thereupon the impact of dhamma
Moved the venerable Subhuti to tears.

Remember, there is no deeper way to relate your gratitude than tears, there is no higher way to pray than tears. Just a few days ago Geet Govind had come from Esalen. He could not say a single word to me – tears and tears. And he started feeling a little embarrassed. He wanted to say something, but nothing was coming.

Those tears were beautiful. And since then he has been crying here. For all these two or three weeks that he has been here he has been crying, and he has been writing to me: “Osho, what to do? How to stop these tears? They go on and on.” The impact…. He has made contact with me, hence the tears. He has seen me, hence the tears. His eyes are showing gratitude, hence the tears. The eyes are fulfilled, hence the tears.

Never be afraid of tears. The so-called civilization has made you very afraid of tears. It has created a kind of guilt in you. When tears come you start feeling embarrassed. You start feeling, “What will others think? And I am a man and I am crying! It looks so feminine and childish. It should not be so.” You stop those tears – and you kill something which was growing in you.

Tears are far more beautiful than anything that you have with you, because tears come from the overflow of your being. And tears are not necessarily of sadness; sometimes they come out of great joy and sometimes they come out of great peace and sometimes they come out of ecstasy and love. In fact they have nothing to do with sadness or happiness. Anything that stirs your heart too much, anything that takes possession of you, anything that is too much, that you cannot contain and it starts overflowing – that brings tears.

Accept them with great joy, relish them, nourish them, welcome them, and through tears you will know how to pray. Through tears you will know how to see. Tear-filled eyes are capable of seeing truth. Tear-filled eyes are capable of seeing the beauty of life and the benediction of it.

Osho, The Diamond Sutra Ch 9 (excerpt)

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