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Anugraha delivers an inspriring talk about how we can live our daily lives not as robots but joyful beings, during an independently organized event on TEDx Syracuse University, USA, published on June 24, 2019.

We try to become unique, special and extradordinary, but we forget that each one of us is already unique, special and extraordinary. There’s nobody like us on this entire planet.
This is a powerful shift that can move us from the everyday tension and stress of proving our worth to appreciating the sacredness of ourselves and of everybody around us…

Indian-born Deva Anugraha (aka Dr. Param Srikantia) is a Professor and seminar leader with twenty years of leadership experience in six global conglomerates. Before joining the faculty at Baldwin Wallace University, he was a consultant at the World Bank and has authored over 35 papers in Management. He has taught at Case Western Reserve University, George Mason University, University of Iowa, and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute. Anugraha has playfully embarked on public seminars based on Osho’s work reaching nearly 6500 attendees in the United States where he lives.

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