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Media Watch

Most days, there are articles about or mentions of Osho, and his disciples, in the Indian media. Here are the ones we selected from last week.

26 Best Osho quotes about life you need to hear today

Osho was widely regarded as one of the greatest spiritual teachers in modern history. The Indian philosopher offered advice on love, life, and sexuality. Most importantly, he was an advocate for seeking true satisfaction from within.

Many of Osho’s famous books go into details of his teachings. These writings reveal and explain the secrets that he believes can bring us happiness. If you’ve been looking for a sign, these inspirational quotes might be just what you need.

Discovering a life of freedom begins with yourself⁠, and Osho believes that’s the key. Even if you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, you can definitely find some of this advice useful. Forget what you think you already know about life, check out these powerful quotes by Osho to set you free.

Ashley Ferraro – 24 July 2019 on

Everybody is on the wrong train

On a coast-bound train, Mieczyslaw was slumped in his seat, and every few moments he sighed and cried, “Ah my! Ah my!” Forbes, sitting nearby, heard him cry but did not butt in, thinking the fellow was troubled by some great personal tragedy.

The next day it was the same cry of, “Ah my! Ah my!” And again the same, the day after.
Finally, Forbes leaned over and whispered, “Anything seriously wrong?”

“Ah my, yes!” said the Polack. “For three days now I have been on the wrong train!”

This is exactly the situation of humanity: everybody, almost everybody, is on the wrong train; hence there is so much misery. Misery simply indicates that you are not where you are supposed to be; that you are not moving towards your own destiny; that you are not flowering into your own potential; that you have been diverted, distracted by others.

An excerpt from Guida Spirituale, Ch 5, provided by OTI – image by Osho News

25 July 2019 – Times of India/Speaking Tree

Sacred Games 2: Pankaj Tripathi’s role of Guruji inspired from Rajneesh Osho

Sacred Games is one of the most successful web series in India. It gained massive success soon after its release on Netflix last year across the globe. Recently Netflix released the trailer of Sacred Games season 2 with new interesting plots and with the addition of new characters that set to be played by Kalki Koechlin and Ranvir Shorey. One character that generated most curiosity is of versatile actor Pankaj Tripathi’s pivotal role of Guruji.

Though Pankaj was seen briefly in season 1 as well but audiences didn’t get to see much of him and now in this upcoming season, his role will have much more to offer to his fans. His looks and role of Guruji are said to be inspired from the most renowned and cult alternative spiritual figure/guru of India – Osho. Acharya Rajnesh also known as Bhagwan Acharya Rajneesh later as Osho was a spiritual guru, mystic and philosopher from India and also a leader of the Rajneesh movement.

Osho lead a very controversial life leading a ban on him by several countries including US and India the late 1970’s. Watching Pankaj Tripathi’s looks and dialogues in Sacred Games 2 trailer reminds us of this cult figure Rajneesh Osho who still has massive followers across the world.

It is believed that there are meant to be several references to Osho and his way of life and practices that will be depicted in the role of Guruji, that is played by Pankaj in the series.

Amruta Patel – 25 July 2019 on

Watch: Religious extremism can only lead to pain, warns the acoustic-pop song ‘Allah Shankar’

Indore-born Osho Jain is the sole member of the musical group, The Osho Projekt.

Singer-Songwriter Osho Jain’s new single Allah Shankar attempts to take a stand against religious extremism. A dangerous fight in the name of religion is on course, Jain warns in the acoustic-pop song that could remind listeners of the band Indian Ocean’s oeuvre.

A video released last week has Jain strumming the guitar and performing the song on busy streets in Indore and Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Pritesh Patel has directed, shot, and edited the video. Jain is the sole member of the group he calls The Osho Projekt, which went live in 2015.

28 July 2019 on – NB Osho Jain played at the monsoon festival in Pune last year with his band Aankh Micholi.

Fakira Rider, motorcycle riding entrepeneur

Riding motorcycle for days and nights from one state to another gives incredible satisfaction that only riders can feel. Real adventure is when you ride bikes through high altitude places and move through road curves and bumps. You can never feel nature’s beauty in a car, the glimpse of this beauty can only be experienced on bikes.

There is one bike lover who never used a bike in his 36 years of life, but now he is no longer driving a car because of his love for bikes. One of the most exciting persons of our time, a real rider who has rode on his bike to travel to every area of India from Mumbai to Sikkim, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, he has seen everything with his bike. He is now very well known as ‘Fakira Riders’.

Fakira sounds like an unusual name. Actually, there is a story behind it, his given name is Sanil Tiwari; he got his new name from Osho ashram when be became a sannyasin – Swami Anand Fakira.

Since then he has been living up to his new name (and finding the meaning of his name), or simply to justify it. He has more than 230k subscribers and followers on YouTube with more than 11,281,858 views. He has presented many places and people of India through his videos, which have been loved by everyone.

Fakira is a nature lover; heat, rain, cold, the smell of soil and of raindrops falling, every road, every mountain, all the rivers, he just loves his life. He says it makes him feel free from tension and he also that everyone should try riding. It gives you fantastic feeling – when you come close to nature, you forget everything else in life.

His motive for posting videos is to drive people with his positive thoughts through his videos. Fakira feels that nature teaches you the meaning of life when you get closer to it. He is one of India’s unique personalities, rare to find.

Watch Fakira on his YouTube channel

Originally posted in International Business Times, 11 July 2019, edited and adapted by Osho News

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