Podcast: Leeladhar – Changing sex to know thyself?

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September episode (No. 56) of Love Osho’s podcasts: Former plastic surgeon, then psychotherapist, talks about his professional life and that in Osho’s communes, and about his book.

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Episode 56
Changing sex to know thyself?

3 September 2019

A plastic surgeon by profession, Leeladhar used to perform surgery to help people change sex. Osho spoke on a number of occasions about changing sex and jokingly “referred” sannyasins to Leeladhar’s services.

After taking sannyas, Leeladhar trained as a psychotherapist and wrote a book dedicated to Osho, which has encountered strong resistances in the scientific community.

Leeladhar now lives a private life accepting himself as a “born misfit.”

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