You have all become one in an oceanic consciousness

The Urgency

Maneesha has asked:
Our beloved Master,
This unspeakable that you are trying to communicate to us, this ungraspable that we are trying to get – sometimes it seems profoundly mysterious, sometimes it seems embarrassingly obvious. Is it either of these – or both together?

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Maneesha, it is both together.

From one standpoint it is obvious. For those who know, it is obvious. For those who don’t know, it is very mysterious. But it is the same thing. Our effort is to move from the point of obviousness to the point of mysteriousness… turning your simplicity into innocence; bringing back your childhood fragrance and freshness.

Buddha is not a foreigner; buddha is your innermost core – where nobody else has been able to reach; otherwise they would have changed its face. It is the place where only you can go – that’s why it has remained original. Otherwise, society would have colored it, managed it in such a way that it becomes useful and purposeful for the society. But nobody can reach within you except you.

And certainly when you know your mysterious existence, you don’t want to be anyone else. You have come to the point where the whole cosmos welcomes you home.

(A flash of lightning streaks through the darkness outside the Hall, followed by thunder and a steady, gentle rain.)

Now the clouds have come… As long as you are going to laugh, the clouds are going to come to listen. They come at the right moment.

Dogski staggers home late one night after drinking about a thousand beers. When he comes into the bedroom, he discovers his wife lying half-naked on the bed, and a strange man in the act of removing his pants.
“For the last time, lady,” says the man, thinking furiously, “if you don’t pay your gas bill right now, I’ll shit on the floor!”

Max Muldoon gets drafted to fight in Ronald Reagan’s new war in the Middle East, and he does not like the idea at all. He does everything he can to avoid being in the army, but somehow finds himself in General Grimguts’ Marine platoon.
One day, Max is in the front line of battle. The noise is terrifying as bullets and bombs fly all around him. Max looks up in horror and then throws down his gun.
“I have had enough!” he shouts, and he starts running away from the front lines.
Many people try to stop him as he runs, but Max pays no attention to them. He runs and runs until he bumps right into General Grimguts himself.
“Stop!” roars Grimguts.
“What for?” shouts back Max.
“I am ordering you to stop!” shouts the General. “I am your commanding officer!”
“My god!” replies Max, quite surprised. “Am I that far back already?”

Sixteen-year-old Sally tiptoes into the confession box in the Holy Martyred Virgins’ Church, where Father Fumble is sitting.
“Father,” whispers Sally, “I have sinned!”
“Tell me all about it!” replies the young priest.
“Well, Father,” continues Sally, “my boyfriend Willy came home with me the other day, and I took him to my room.”
“Really?” says Father Fumble. “And what happened in there?”
“Well, Father,” continues Sally, “Willy pushed me back onto the bed and started taking my clothes off.”
“Really?” says Father Fumble. “And what happened next?”
“Then Willy took off his clothes and jumped on top of me!” sobs Sally.
“Ahem!” coughs Fumble, clearing his throat. “And tell me, my child, did you feel his organ coming between your legs?”
“I’m not a musician,” replies Sally, “but I would say it felt more like a flute!”



Be silent… close your eyes. Feel your body to be frozen.
Look inwards with your totality,
straight ahead.
Just a little more
and you will be encountering your real self.

It is raining outside, but inside
it is only mist.
Get drenched in it.
Drop your mask, and when you come back,
come back with your original face.
Your original face is the buddha.

To get hold of it totally… Nivedano…

Relax… just watch the body and the mind, and remember you are neither. You are the watcher.
This already beautiful evening becomes more ecstatic by your watching. Just watching, you will feel utter emptiness.
The emptiness is the name of buddha himself.
This silence…
you have all become one in an oceanic consciousness.
Boundaries are lost,
limits are forgotten…

Collect this experience, because you have to carry it twenty-four hours – in all your actions and gestures, words and silences.


Come back, but come back
with your original face.
Silent, peaceful, graceful – a buddha.
Sit like a buddha for a few seconds, and remember it twenty-four hours.
It is not an achievement, it is just a remembrance of your forgotten self.
It is obvious, but it is mysterious also.

Okay Maneesha?

Yes, Beloved Master.

Can we celebrate the gathering of the ten thousand buddhas?

Yes, Beloved Master.

Osho, The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart, Ch 6

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