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…shout, cry, jump, talk, babble, do whatever you please. Close the doors and observe your own madness in its entirety…” suggests Osho on ‘Anger’.

angry man (illustration)

Whenever anger seizes us, our attention is focussed on the man who has caused it. In that case, it is difficult to step out of anger. When anyone brings about anger in you, forget him immediately and concentrate on him to whom anger is happening. Remember, no amount of concentration brings any change in the adversary. If any change is to be brought about, it can only be in the one who is angry.

Whenever anger or greed or sex or anything takes hold of you, drop the object of their happening immediately. A man or woman causes the mind to become sexual. Remember, he or she has merely thrown the match — perhaps unknowingly. In the matter of anger, there is some attempt from the other, in the matter of sex there is almost no attempt from the other side. A woman is crossing the road. You look at her and your sex is stimulated. Then also, your attention is entirely on her. You do not throw a glance within to see what this energy is, which is inflamed by sex. This is how we fail to observe ourselves and without self-observation no transformation takes place in life.

So when sex overpowers you, forget the object, forget that which catches hold of your sex, which catches hold of your anger, your greed etc. And begin to look within — what is happening within! Do not suppress. Allow full freedom to whatever is happening. Close yourself in a room, and plunge whole-heartedly in the happening.

It is better to see what is happening as clearly as possible.

If anger rages within, shout, cry, jump, talk, babble, do whatever you please. Close the doors and observe your own madness in its entirety, for others have witnessed it many times. It is only you who have not seen it; others have watched the fun at your expense. You become aware of it only when everything is over; when the fire has gone and only the ashes remain.

Osho, The Way of Tao, Vol 1, Ch 5, Q 1

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