Podcast: Bodhicitta – In memory of Yoga Chinmaya

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October episode (No. 57) of Love Osho’s podcasts: Bodhicitta talks about his commune life as well as the time he spent with Chinmaya.



Episode 57
Love and gratitude to Swami Yoga Chinmaya

1 October 2019

This episode was recorded just weeks prior to Swami Yoga Chinmaya’s passing and it’s dedicated to his memory. Chinmaya was one of the very first sannyasins of Osho who later on gathered a selected group of dedicated seekers and helped them in their spiritual growth.

Bodhicitta was one of them; for 15 years lived close to Chinmaya and had the chance to develop an intimate friendship with him.

In this episode Bodhicitta shares his love and gratitude for Chinmaya.

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