Mind and Meditation


With the help of a moving sand art picture, Osho demonstrates the difference between mind and meditation.


One of my sannyasins from Germany has sent me a present. His name is Nivedano. I will give it to Laheru because the present is something really significant.
It’s name is Mind and Meditation.
Just give me the present.

Neelam gives Osho a picture in a wooden frame, and he holds up the picture for everyone to see.

This is a small present, but with significant meaning.
This is meditation – this vast silence, this peaceful blue, this beautiful beach…
Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

But turn it….

(He turns it upside down. The sky becomes a thunderstorm of swirling clouds.)

This is the mind.
Everything is disturbed.
This is the mind.
Everything is disturbed.

It is sheer disturbance.
That’s how it goes on happening in you.
Meditation and mind are made of the same stuff.
When the mind is silent, it is meditation….

(Osho is holding the picture still.)

It is getting silent.
The beach is settling, the waves are settling.
But turn it –

(He turns it.)

– and you have Laherubhai!

Laherubhai… this is for you.

Osho, The Osho Upanishad, Ch 8, Q 2 (excerpt)

The discourse above was given in Mumbai, after Osho returned from Portugal, the last stop on his world tour. At the time only very few sannyasins could travel with him; several of his caretakers were waiting in various countries to find out where their next stop would be. Nivedano and Gayan were staying in Munich, where Gayan, Arpita and Asheesh had set up a sewing room to work on Osho’s robes, shoes, hats and other clothing. Nivedano found the moving sand art picture and thought Osho would enjoy it. He sent it to Mumbai – obviously with a lot of success! Some time later, Osho gave Nivedano a different moving sand art picture which he cherishes.

Moving Sand Art picture

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