Podcast: Deva Peter – Painting Osho’s Rolls-Royces

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Deva Peter talks to Swaram about his path to Osho and about painting and taking care of his famous Rolls Royces.

Deva Peter with some of the Rolls Royces
Deva Peter with some of the Rolls Royces, 1986

Episode 58
Painting Osho’s Rolls-Royces

5 November 2019

For Deva Peter taking sannyas was like meeting an old friend. He enjoyed a special relationship with Osho which brought him to custom paint the famous Roll-Royces. Due to this job, Deva Peter spent intimate moments with Osho.

In this episode Deva Peter talks about Osho’s passion for driving, how Osho chose the car to drive and how he enjoyed getting directly involved in choosing the paint scheme and colour combinations for the cars.

Deva Peter’s story is recounted in his book, 93 Rolls-Royces.

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Chetna and Swaram run the platform Love Osho and teach Osho’s meditations in Singapore. loveosho.com/podcast


Review and excerpts from ’93 Rolls-Royces’ published in Osho News

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