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Punya recently experienced Nisarg running a 5-day workshop in Corfu: “…such a good teacher!”

Nisarg teaching
Nisarg teaching one of the circuit systems – photo credit: Siu

Never would I have expected to write about a workshop – not about what was taught and what I have learned – but about HOW it was taught.

The invitation

A few years ago Nisarg gave a demonstration of Human Design at a Festival in our Corfu Buddha Hall. It lasted over three hours, but except for a very few everybody stayed on because it was so exhilarating and fun. We were to experience the various types (Generator, Projector, Manifestor, Reflector) in blood and bone. The types were separated and the individual groups could experience themselves among each other, and then also sitting across from the other types. It was an eye-opener: the types really have a different feel to them, they function in a different way, have different ways of approaching the world – and themselves. (I like Human Design because it shows me the pitfalls I – as my type, and also more layered nuances about me – can easily fall into, so that – if I am aware – I can catch myself before I do.)

That short demonstration, and interviewing Nisarg later on, made me decide to participate in any group of hers at the next occasion. I jumped straight into the course, ABC of Human Design, which has a lot of theory, but I managed all right. I should first have done the beginners’ course, Living and Loving Your Design. There I would have practised ways to beneficially interact with others, such as ‘knocking’ on a person’s aura to see if they are available for what I want to say / do; what might happen when we act according to our design and when we don’t; how it is for us if we take decisions the correct way. Practically: how to stay out of trouble! – which I still have to learn… (I will catch up on this course next May.)


Yes, theory. Human Design, seen from the outside, can come across as very mind-y, daunting and overwhelmingly complicated… Knowledge and details. This is all true, but the way Nisarg managed to present even this theory was so great – fun, entertaining, touching and transformative at the same time.

In the ABC of Human Design workshop we covered the six circuit systems, and on the last day, the characteristics of each of the six I Ching lines (that are also included in the Human Design system). The channels (which are the connections between the numbered gates) are grouped in various systems, or circuits, that have a particular theme. Each circuit has characteristics and priorities that can be understood if we think of the evolution of humanity and civilization. According to which gates and channels are highlighted in our chart, we are under the influence of those particular psychological characteristics and world views. Seeing this made me realize again how each one of us is functioning so very differently… I could see the beauty in this, and accept that each of us might never truly understand another person; and also that we ourselves might never be truly understood by others.

Just the mention of channels, circuits, systems, might spin your head – it does mine. There is a lot of information to be imparted. I will have to go over my notes and through the manual in order to remember everything, but most of it has already been absorbed in my body – a knowledge understood through another way, thanks to Nisarg’s way of teaching.


There were anecdotes, sketches, stories from her life (some hilarious and embarrassing ones) that she acted out within the circle of students like an actress on stage (she later said – when asked – that as a child she was awarded a grant for a drama school!). The message went straight in – at least for me – bypassing the mind. Something changed in the room. Something changed in our auras, in different ways, of course.

Sometimes her words hit a soft spot in one of the participants; nods, aha!s, chuckles, tears of recognition and tears of pain that surface from childhood, or from an event of the night before. Of course there were tears when something touched us and time was given for sharing to clarify events and painful memories. The sharing then also resonated in others.

Although Nisarg had been a therapist since the high-time of the Pune and Sedona Mystery Schools, and had been undergoing therapy for many years, there was a total lack of that hateful, old-fashioned therapy jargon. None of those dreadful smiles of: I know you are in pain, but I am here to help you. Thank good we have – in most cases – come over all that!

In the evenings Amiten would ask: How was your day? All I could say: Nisarg is such a good teacher! (repeated three times!) I suffered years of boredom in school. It was torture! In my memory a swath of dreary, grey nothing-happens time. Had we had a teacher like this we would have flown and our intelligence would have been sharpened for the rest of our lives…

As confirmation that something was truly working the right way: an experience I had on the last night, when I was in my bed. I saw channels (don’t ask why), bands of energy like meridians but wider, filled with luminous liquid circulating through my body. It was pure bliss. I can still feel it now as I am writing this.

Nisarg, so many thanks for your invitation – and what a good teacher you are…!


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There will be a Loving & Living Your Design workshop on 17-24 May 2020 and this Rave ABC workshop again next October, both on Corfu. Being a Reflector herself, Nisarg also gives a yearly retreat for Reflectors each May; in 2020 it is scheduled for the 2-26 May.


Punya is the founder of Osho News, author of many interviews and of her memoir On the Edge.

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