Podcast: Savita – Osho: An Inexplicable Man

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Savita, talks to Swaram about her path to Osho, editing his books and authoring two books after interviewing sannyasins about their path and relationship with the Master.


Episode 59
Osho: An Inexplicable Man

Savita combines her professional experience as a psychotherapist, her first-hand experience as a sannyasin and her passion for writing, to give life to Osho’s disciples’ stories.

Discussing her two books based on interviews with sannyasins, Savita elegantly articulates her understanding of crucial topics such as the relationship between Osho and women, Osho the man behind the public figure, and the Master/Disciple relationship.

This is a very insightful episode packed with unknown anecdotes.

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Chetna and Swaram run the platform Love Osho and teach Osho’s meditations in Singapore. loveosho.com/podcast


Reviews and excerpts from ‘Dinner with Osho’ and ‘Encounters with an Inexplicable Man’, published in Osho News

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