Nirvano (remembered by Veena): Keeping Osho on Planet Earth

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An additonal Love Osho podcast this month to celebrate Osho’s birthday: Veena shares many intimate moments spent with Nirvano, giving us a sense of her role in Osho’s life.

Osho and Nirvano

Today is a special episode dedicated to Nirvano.

Nirvano was Osho’s most intimate disciple, and lived in close physical proximity to Osho from 1972 to 1989.

She was the only person with direct private access to Osho at all times and her relationship with Osho goes far beyond our comprehension.

VeenaVeena, who was Nirvano’s close friend, shares in this episode many happy and intimate moments spent with her, giving us a sense of Nirvano’s role in Osho’s life.

Veena combines love and intelligence to offer us a meaningful picture of a beautiful disciple who dedicated her whole life to support Osho’s work.

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