Curiosity and the creative response

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New artwork by Siddhena and a piece of writing on creativity, on the intuitive back-and-forth flow between action and response.

'The sweep of a fan’ - Kakisumi on paper
“Rainy duet’ - Sumi on washi paper
'Diary’ - Sumi on washi
‘August rains’ - Sumi, ink pen, pastel on paper
‘2 concertos for rain’ - Sumi, ink pen, pastels on cotton
‘August rains, turmeric’ - Sumi, ink pen, pastels, turmeric on paper
‘August rains, garden sketch #6’ - Sumi, ink pen, pastels on paper
‘August rains, tablet #3’ - Sumi, acrylic media on paper
‘The world we are #1, #2’ - Acrylic media on fabrics
‘At the gate’  - Acrylic media on wood panel
‘Quadrants #3’ - Acrylic media on wood panels
‘Water’s edge series’ - Gypsum and charcoal on wood panels
‘Current – no titles’ - Acrylic on card
‘Heart rater #3, 4’ - Wax pastels, acrylics on card
‘Pulse - a score’  - Wax pastels, acrylics on paper
‘Score for an Amyphion’ - Acrylic, ink pen, pastels on fabric

Have you heard about the curious octopus? This remarkable creature has nine brains, three hearts and can continuously change color! Apparently they are problem solvers; ingenious in their complex movements and both playful and curious in how they go about life. Ingenious, playful and curious? This sounds like creativity to me.

I recently read Osho’s answer to a question from someone asking for guidance on returning back to society after sometime in the Buddhafield. Osho’s insight was not to plan, but not to drift either – instead, to plant seeds and nurture them. For myself this was a teaching about response; and how in my painting process there is an initial spark of some kind followed by an unfolding process of responses.

’10 minute pieces #4’ - Acrylics on card
’10 minute pieces #2’ - Acrylics on card
‘Passing time’ - Acrylics on card
‘Compass’ - Acrylics under stretched silk on wood panel
‘Archaos’ - Mixed media under stretched silk on wood panel
‘Waiting’ - Acrylics on canvas (triptych)
‘Now’s Mirror’ - Acrylic media on canvas
‘Pythagoras’ - Acrylic media on panel
‘Palace dreams in Kyoto’ - Sumi, ink pen, pastels on washi paper
‘Kyoto Festival’ - Acrylics on cotton
‘In a good place’ - Acrylics and ink pen on paper
‘Carpeteria series - folds #3’ - Acrylic paint on carpet panels
‘Carpeteria series - coils’ - Acrylic paint on carpet panels

As an artist I work on several pieces at the same time, each one in some way communing with and nourishing the other. And the process involves this intuitive flowing back-and-forth between action and response; both method and mystery moving the creativity in the piece at hand as well those various works as a whole.

I was recently painting with Sumi or Japanese ink, one of my favorite mediums, and some had spilled on the table. I write notes on postcards, and I flipped a stack of them unintentionally into the spilled ink. As postcards they were now useless, but taking a second look some had wonderful random marks and stains on them.

Setting them in a row to dry I realized they were the beginnings of a series of paintings – small but full of possibilities. To some I added more Sumi, others became the ground for webs of fine white lines, and I even sprinkled some with turmeric or pastel powders. It was all so easy and playful; the size and prepared quality allowed the process to unfold in a loose and natural way. Later these spontaneous experiments, both as images as well as a process, have initiated larger paintings in other media.


Siddhena (Sidd Murray-Clark) works, exhibits and teaches in Japan.

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