Creativity Festival and Exhibition of Paintings by Osho and Meera


Svagito’s invitation to visit the Art Exhibition of Osho’s and Meera’s paintings and participate in the Festival. Tokyo, April 3-5, 2020


With this exhibition and festival of creativity we want to introduce a new vision of art. According to this vision, art and authentic creativity does not come from the mind or intellectual concepts, but is born out of an inner silence and joy. It is an expression of the love and inner beauty we discover in a state of meditativeness. This has been called ’objective art’ in contrast to ’subjective art’.

Whether you are creating something… – all that has to be remembered is that it is coming out of a silence within you, that it has a spontaneity. It is not prearranged, preprogrammed, prethought. As you are creating something you go on being surprised yourself – you have left yourself in the hands of existence.

From The Razor’s Edge, Ch 22, Q 1 by Osho

Born in Japan, Meera was an artist all her life and on Osho’s instruction she has been conducting art courses and trainings since the 70s. She developed a very unique way of teaching art and art therapy and has been inspiring people to discover their authentic creative expression for more than 40 years, until she suddenly and unexpectedly left her body in 2017.

Meera embodied and carried out Osho’s vision of creativity for decades in her courses and trainings and helped many to discover their creative potential and joy for life. She created various art communities, worked in many countries and continuously travelled around the world teaching creativity and art therapy. However, she never missed a single cherry blossom season in her loved native country, Japan. So we are very glad to introduce this show exactly during this magic season, where one can taste the ephemeralness and eternity of life so closely. The carefully selected paintings by Osho and Meera are born from an inner silent space and watching them attentively may inspire in the observer the same feelings of joy, love and inner silence. Just as the cherry blossoms those paintings may also point at the beauty and mystery within.

Besides the exhibition we also offer two days of workshops, meditations and music to support the inner journey towards growing love and awareness. Osho’s and Meera’s contribution to the transformation of consciousness continues to bear fruits and can be experienced when we come together in celebration.

I’m so excited that sometimes I can’t sleep because I want to get up early in the morning and paint. Each day is filled with a sense of newness. Each day, I’m intrigued by the discoveries I make as I throw myself into the unknown…

Paintings coming out of this approach are a surprise to my own eyes, and I want to bow down to every new painting that is born in front of me. In such moments, I feel the significance of being alive, and if I can share this thrill with others, so they can make their own unique footprint on this earth, giving birth to their own creativity, then I am most happy.

From Re-Awakening of Art by Meera

The event is organised by the Meera Art Foundation, Japan in collaboration with Osho Art Unity:

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Svagito is a therapist, teacher and training leader. He has been Meera’s partner for 25 years and is curating her legacy.

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