Italian mainstream newspaper presents Osho compilations with their weekend editions

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Nirbija sent details about this new project and will be one of the many readers of the Corriere della Sera to buy the weekly compilation.

Corriere supplement collection

Would you like to read good news in a national newspaper? Not possible you say?

Every Saturday, for 20 weeks (from January 18 until May 30, 2020), the leading Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, will sell an Osho compilation as a supplement with their weekend paper.

Since a while the paper has been publishing an additional book to their Saturday edition. Now it’s Osho’s turn! Videha, who has been involved in publishing Osho’s books in Italy for many years, has organized this together with the publishing houses of Osho’s talks – all giving the go-ahead for this initiative of the Corriere.

We hear that the Corriere has also planned to bring the news on national TV… wow!


The Corriere is known for its tolerance, is open for publishing rebellious opinions and has recently received a European Newspaper Award. It has an estimated national readership of 2.5 million daily (paper and digital).

To make Osho’s insights available on such a vast scale in Italy is no surprise. No other country has sold more books by Osho. Since the 70s, many sannyasins have translated his discourses into Italian which at first were published by a variety of independent small publishing houses. Today, the books are with mainstream publishing houses such as Mondadori, Bompiani, Feltrinelli, Mediterranee, while Oshoba near Milano offers the widest collection online; all books can also be bought in bookshops and online via

In these times of global threat to nature and human society it is inspiring that a prime newspaper finally makes an important move and offers Osho’s spiritual vision to its readers. This could become an important role model for positive journalism.

The Corriere explains his daring initiative as a must for its readers:

“A series designed to approach Osho’s vision in its infinite nuances, crucial for understanding a truly revolutionary, existential and experiential, proposal.“

So, if you happen to live in Italy, you might want to stop this weekend on your way to your favourite cappuccino bar at your newsstand  and get the first issue:

Osho, Ricominciare da Sé – Il Corraggio (Osho: A new with yourself – Courage), 7.90 €

Bravo Italy!

Corriere della Sera collezione di Osho

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Nirbija is a writer, facilitator of Osho’s meditations, and enjoys life in the countryside.

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