Making love to the stars, sky and clouds

Tiny Meditations

Sarita presents a meditation she often did after a break-up, “Enjoy being with nature in the same way you would enjoy being with a lover,” as Osho says.

Starry sky in the woods

Making love to the stars and the sky and the clouds.

It will be a little crazy but it will bring immense bliss, making love to the earth, to the grass, to the trees, just being in love with everything that exists. That is becoming a partner, an erotic partner of the cosmic lover.

Slowly, slowly, one dissolves into the cosmos.

The secret should be remembered: never become attached to individuals; they are only small windows into the universal. Remember the universal.

Thank the individual but remember the universal.

Be grateful to the individual but don’t become attached, don’t become possessive and don’t be possessed.

If one can avoid being possessed and being possessive then doors upon doors go on opening and one day all the walls disappear.

You are suddenly under the sky. The whole existence becomes your love affair.

Osho in the darshan diary: Going All the Way, Ch 11

After the ending of a relationship when I was younger, I practised this meditation every day for 6 months. It liberated me beyond measure, because once we understand through lived experience that we are the beloved of nature and of the universe, there is no turning back. Our capacity for inner ecstasy expands. Through this meditation we discover limitless ecstasy as an irrefutable truth.

To practice this meditation:

Find a comfortable place in nature where you will be undisturbed by people and man-made noises. This may be under a tree, near a stream, near the sea or on the grass looking up at the sky.

It is optimal if you can be naked. If you cannot, at least imagine that you are. You can lie down on a sarong or a mat, in such a way that you feel the earth very present under your body.

Enjoy being with nature in the same way you would enjoy being with a lover. Sense the breeze caressing your skin and the sun kissing you. Feel the earth like the arms of the beloved, holding you, supporting you. Surrender and offer yourself wantonly to the sky. Allow erotic sensations and romantic feelings to engulf you, for the whole of the natural world.

Allow sounds of pleasure and joy to bubble up from within. Sensually move your body, undulating in rhythm with your beloved nature, discovering that harmony and joy of melting into an intimate lover.

Allow yourself to move into full body orgasmic states. Move this energy in and up through your whole body as an exaltation of being in communion with nature. Let this energy wash through you in waves.

Afterwards, sit in meditation, witnessing your breath, witnessing your feeling of dissolution into nature in all its pristine glory.


Sarita is a Tantra teacher and writer, She gives workshops and trainings worldwide.

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