(15 January 1938 – 26 January 2020)

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Devageet (Dr Charles Harvey Newman) was originally trained in dental surgery in Edinburgh and in 1976, after “various fruitless spiritual explorations”, came to Osho and received his new name, Devageet – meaning Divine Harmony.

In 1978 he was invited to be Osho’s personal dentist (in Pune 1 Devageet was also the dentist for his fellow sannyasins). Later he lived in Osho’s house, in Poona, India, and in Oregon, until Osho left his physical body: January 19th, 1990. He lived in the transforming milieu of Osho’s commune for 21 years. From 1989 to 2007, he was also a member of the Inner Circle.

A few weeks before leaving his body, in the middle of one night, Osho gave Devageet a message that laid the foundation of his subsequent work.

“Each human body, especially the teeth, contains memories back to the beginning of evolution… Teeth are an individual’s personal Akashic Record… You will find a way, Devageet, for people to bring these ancient memories to awareness. This expanded awareness will enable them to experience their eternal reality, and their meditation will go deep enough for authentic transformation to happen.”

In his ensuing explorations, Geet learned, created and offered various healing modalities, too many to list here in detail. As he put all his effort into making Osho’s transmission to him come alive, he started his work Illumination Therapy, which was later to evolve into Transomatic Dialogue and the Akashic/Octave Processes. For the last 12 years he was fully involved into teaching his work, culminating into the Akashic/Octave Buddhafield. He called it “a Mystery School and a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness”.

Devageet edited Osho’s famous nitrous oxide trilogy, Books I Have Loved, Glimpses of a Golden Childhood and Notes of a Madman, dictated during dental sessions in Rajneeshpuram in Oregon. Osho had also instructed him to write two memoirs: Osho: the First Buddha in the Dental Chair, published in 2013 by Sammasati, Bhikkhu and Waduda’s publishing house in Boulder, CO, and A Subjective Account of My Life with Osho.

In spring 2016 he was diagnosed with cancer and made it public with a poem he sent in to Osho News: A Most Unexpected Gift. He had longer cancer treatments in Germany, but soon continued leading the Akashic/Octave Buddhafields in Aegina, Greece, twice a year for a month each, and also travelled further afield, giving courses in Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Scotland, Czech Republic, USA and Mexico.

Devageet departed peacefully in Athens in the loving presence of his beloved Kamala.

Bio based on text in, on his website, as well as emails from Nagesh – thanks to Bhikkhu for photos, to Sugit, Chetan Abhivan – to Anasha for alert – to Rajeeta and Rakesh for connecting

Send-off in Pune (by Yatri)

On Sunday, the 25 people who are here at the moment and are part of Devageet’s work, gathered after the Evening Meeting in Buddha Grove. We played Osho quotes and the Pavarotti songs he used to like. We made a circle and remained in silence for a while – in the end everybody experienced a beautiful deep loving space. We heard that Devageet fused with Osho’s energy the night before in samadhi during the Bardo with Maneesha.

The devotee does not become the truth, he discovers that he is the truth. And this discovery is the greatest discovery possible for human consciousness.

So it is perfectly good that you are not curious about anything anymore. It is a sign of maturity, of moving from the state of the student to the disciple. And as I know you, Devageet, you have already moved even from the state of the disciple to the ultimate glory of being a devotee. Your quest, your inquiry is no more a dry exploration. It has become your love, it has become your very heartbeat. Naturally, all curiosity will disappear.

One day you will realize that even to know about truth, to know about godliness, to know about beauty… you are no more interested in knowing. Knowing about water is not going to help. Even knowing it scientifically, that it consists of oxygen and hydrogen, is not going to quench your thirst.

The most glorious moment on the path comes when your whole interest and passion becomes concentrated on a single point of discovering yourself, of discovering that you have always been, you are, even in this moment, and irrespective of whether you understand or not, you will remain always your authentic, your essential, your existential being. It contains all. Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram,

Osho, Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, Ch 3


Just a joke for Devageet; I don’t know why it should be said, but that’s why I have told you I don’t have any reason to do anything – just this joke wants to be told, and I cannot do anything about it!

Stella and Eunice are in the kitchen preparing vegetables and gossiping on a Friday night when Eunice looks out of the window. She sees her husband, Bernie, coming up the walkway with a bouquet of flowers.

Eunice turns to Stella and says, “Oh, no! He’s bringing flowers. That means the whole weekend I will be on my back with my legs up in the air.”

Stella replies, “What is the matter? Don’t you have a vase?”

Osho, The Invitation, Ch 2, Q 3

Devageet’s send-off in Greece

On 30th January, about 20 friends of the akashic group came from Austria, Italy, Russia and other European countries to gather for Devageet’s send-off at the new and beautiful Crematorium outside Athens. After a few days the ashes will be taken to the island of Aegina and scattered in the sea in front of the Hotel Argo which, for the last 15 years, had hosted the akashic processes for four months each year.

Osho answers Devageet’s questions

Devageet, there is nothing to be worried aboutBeloved Osho, It is now becoming too much. The gossips are going right and left.

Sannyas a training for rebellionBeloved Master, is sannyas a training for rebellion?

A Noah’s Ark of Consciousness…is there an unconscious urge for ‘endarkenment’?

More quotes and jokes

I may have died without Vivek, Devaraj, Devageet, anytime. They have taken every care to keep me alive as long as possible.

Osho, From Bondage to Freedom, Ch 2

Devageet falls in love with an eighteen-year-old girl and they go off to Goa for a honeymoon. When they get back, a friend says to him, “Do tell me, how was it?”

“It was beautiful,” says Devageet. “The sun, the sea… we made love almost every night.”

“Wait a minute,” says his friend. “A man of your age — how did you manage that?”

“Well,” says Devageet. “We almost made love on Monday, almost on Tuesday…”

Osho, The Great Pilgrimage from Here to Here, Ch 17

Deep down the fear of becoming old is a fear of death. And only those who don’t know how to live are afraid of death.

Devageet, don’t be afraid of anything. You have been with me… one of the most beautiful persons with a great sense of humor. I have loved Devageet so much that just to be with him I have allowed him to drill all my teeth.

Osho, The Great Pilgrimage, Ch 10, Q 1


“I need a sign.” – An interview with Devageet

Many articles by Devageet, on his work and book can be found on Osho News

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The First Buddha in the Dental Chair– Author Interview
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Transomatic Dialogue
Devageet in Prague


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I heard his body was suffering; I hope he attained before he left. Bon Voyage, old friend. Too bad you can’t take your teeth with you!

Devageet… Divine Harmony. What a beautiful unique man, seeker, Osho disciple, creative being… I feel fortunate to have met him and known him. When I saw him in November 2019 in Athens, his body was frail, but eyes were shining and clear like sky. It felt like sky is looking at me through his eyes… Sky called Osho… Extensive body of work that developed through Osho’s unique transmission to him, is of tremendous importance for human transformation. He is such a playful man and allowed this work to flow through him playfully and with awareness. It includes transomatic, bardo karmic, dream dialogue and Akashik, Octave processes plus plus… Each unique and spontaneous. He helped an important part of Osho’s work of transformation to flower. Truly a mystery school. Alive in many people who came in contact with him.
Divine Harmony…
Song of Existence…
You lived a tremendous life…
You will stay forever in my heart.
Chetan Abhivan


I met Devageet for the first time in the middle of June 2008. Participating in a workshop in Aegina/Greece, I didn’t really know what to expect. Being a sannyasin since 1980, I wasn’t looking any more for therapies. But around this man, I felt such an intensity and clarity, a devotion to Osho and to meditation, such a high level of vibration and frequency that I was immediately drawn towards it. My whole being responded, showing me that I had stumbled upon something that I had given up hope of ever finding again. I just knew: Whatever this guy is doing, I needed to be a part of it.

So, for the next 12 years, I became part of the various processes Devageet offered and taught: The Transomatic Dialogue, the Akashic and Octave Processes and more. The Buddhafields twice a year in Aegina were intense and beautiful.

Devageet’s incredible amount of energy was put wholly into making Osho’s Akashic transmission to him come alive. His work has ignited the flame of consciousness and awareness in many people.

I feel blessed and forever grateful to be a part of this Ark of Consciousness and Mystery School. With his departure, a wide horizon has opened up – no more limitations. Osho’s promise has been fulfilled.

With love and gratitude,



On my first day in OIMR, Pune, in January 2000, a mistake happened from my side – in Mariam Canteen I had picked up a chappatti with bare hands, instead of using tongs. Somebody in the queue behind cautioned me and I said ‘sorry’. Exactly ten years later, I repeated the same mistake in Zorba kitchen – I forgot to use tongs again while picking up a lemon. This time I heard a shout in my right ear. I had recognized my mistake and there was no option to leave it there. I turned my face slowly. It was Devageet, looking at me with fiery eyes. But surprise to myself, I was happy inside. I apologised him ‘joyfully’. After an ‘eye lock’ for a second, I walked ahead with my plate.

Even though I had seen Devageet passing here and there in the Resort many times, I hadn’t enough courage to face him and say ‘hi’. But now he gifted me a Zen katsu. I would have bothered much about my mistake, in normal situations. But this time, I didn’t consider myself that serious. And I felt a fragrance of freshness enveloping me. It was an unforgettable lunch with such a juicy and fragrant lemon.

Years after, I had send him a feedback about his wonderful book, The First Buddha in the Dental Chair. And I had related this incident with him. Next day his reply came -‘even a lemon is an opening’.

I am not sure that he will be remembering that incident. But he was reminding that ‘all and everything’ is significant as far as the path is concerned, happening is concerned.

even with the wrong
what left is right.
and a juicy lemon
with a fragrance
of freshness

Beloved Devageet,
I can see a moonlit smile
behind your fiery eyes.

lv & gratitude

Dhyan Tarpan


Dear fellow travelers, I love Devageet so, and my, did Bhagwan have a blast hitting him about being so furry, a gorilla! And in discourses, we learned of Devageet’s most recent girlfriend traumas.

My goodness, I was just laughing with a friend about Devageet and how his name must be spelled correctly… Ha ha…

Thank you for ‘Notes of a Madman’, the first book I did start to finish at Pendragon Graphics ?

Thank you so much for ‘Glimpses of a Golden Childhood’. That book too took me through hilarious journeys of Bhagwan’s youth and young professorship. He would run backwards to humor his neighbors, students and fellows at college.

We had a lot of fun sipping chai and spillin’ the tea. ?

Antar Komalta


Tribute to Devageet

I did some meditations with him in London in the 2000s. We didn’t hit it off. Nevertheless he was obviously extremely close to Osho, with a far deeper understanding than me. I also once did a light therapy session with him in London. I am very glad I had a little contact with someone as close to Osho as he was.

Sw Alok John


Beloved Devageet,

Unforgettable the times when we were with Osho drumming together. Thank You for everything!



When I met Devageet

Three years passed since I first met him face to face, though I knew of him for a couple of years earlier from friends (Abhiwan and Guitamarga). May 2017 was my first encounter, with his teachings through Transomatic Dialogue. My inner drive towards him clicked after I read his book Osho: the First Buddha in the Dental Chair. There I felt: there is something for me.

Devageet was not easy to swallow at first. But the changes that started happening made me feel close to my source. My heart opened. Love started pouring. Devageet recognised the struggle I had with my mind, though he sensed the purity of heart. Silently, he encouraged my journey.

Each trip to Aegina, brought tremendous transformation to my life. But my academic life kept sabotaging the speed of my journey, not its depth and quality. His last gesture to me in Argo hotel (Aegina) last May as he joined his frail hands in Namaste in a slow motion from head to heart, was his clear and last message: “Drop form head to heart”.

This last month and a half I connected with him deeply through my body pain and a pneumonia, which helped my rising consciousness and the journey deeper inside. After he left the body, I mysteriously feel this great connection and grandiose peace inside. He is now available. Now with every intention of Devageet, every thought or word I hear through his Geet-Chung meditation, I receive intense depth and spaciousness. My soul dances to the rhythm of his words. He is in. No division anymore.

Devageet, a Divine Harmony, a beautiful song in this Universe, came to life through Osho, and took me to my inner Divine Wisdom. I dance the divine rhythm in a sky you first introduced to me to through the inner sense awareness. Now I can fly with you and dance, dance, dance. U are in. I am in. Osho is in. The Buddhafield and the Buddhas are in. The lotus paradise is shining, you are shining inside all of us. The mandala of original wholeness and consciousness is a mysterious engine and reflection.

Your Noah’s Ark of consciousness is sailing. Soar high in peace. We are connected.

Love is shining.



Unexpected news today, of Devageet’s passing.

An old fellow traveler, whom I came to know in early “Poona One” days, as someone bringing the juice and fun to the party!

Even during one of the “heavies”, – the Primal Group, where we both participated back in 1976, his presence lit up the sessions massively. I remember us getting assigned to spend 24 hrs together. I was to be his mother and he my 4-year-old son! OMG, ended up laughing so hard. (Guess …well so much for the exercise.)

I have always loved Devageet’s humor together with his straightforwardness. During the Poona One years, as an Ashram worker you’d have the privilege of free sessions in his Dental office in “Radha Hall”. On the door he had a sign: “If you can’t be bothered to clean your teeth when coming in here, we can’t be bothered to look at them.”

Fly High Beloved.

Gratitude for the gift you have been to Osho’s world.

Ageha Prem


Beloved Devageet, we will miss you. For some mysterious reason you were always the first person we would run into, whenever we arrived at the Osho Commune. This happened so many times, we were expecting it on our arrivals. One time during lunch in the ashram you told us about the many years of difficulties to get your two books published. From within we felt the call to support you with this and suggested to do this project together. It became Osho – the First Buddha in the Dental Chair. Many people loved your precious stories with Osho and we felt honored to be part of this. We stayed in contact during the last years where you shared the news about your cancer and its treatments in Germany. You will forever stay in our hearts as being a great personal friend and Osho lover. Fly high.
Bhikkhu and Waduda


Thank you, Devageet, for treating my teeth as well as Osho’s.
Lying in the chair with my baby daughter on top.
She didn’t bat an eyelid.
Prem Shruti


Devageet in group cr Yatro

I first met Devageet in London when a group of us were trying to further Osho’s work there. He, Simant and I were involved in creating and producing the British Osho Times (this was in the days of cutting and pasting the typeset text by hand).

He still remembered us working together many years later and invited me to join one of his groups in Aegina, Greece. I had chronic fatigue at the time. I wrote to him:

I feel I need to check out with you my need to look after my health, and balance my energy. I imagine an integral part of the workshop is Dynamic, Kundalini and Evening Meeting. One Dynamic would leave me needing to rest up for a week, Kundalini a couple of days. So either I could do bits of each, or do a bit of gibberish in my room, or perhaps it’s not suitable to come if I can’t do the full programme. If it is still OK, then I would love to come.

Devageet replied:

Your health, although you do not mention any diagnosis, sounds as though it has become the central focus for you. Balancing your energy (rationing it out?) and looking after your health sounds like a full-time job. Energy is a strange and wonderful resource, it appears to be in short supply not because we are using it up too fast, but often because we are not producing it, or else not supporting its production.

I have just returned from Denmark, leading a painting and self-healing group. One woman was suffering from a 12 year bout of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. On hearing the Dynamic was necessary she nearly threw a fit. I told her that it isn’t the amount of energy you put out but your totality that counts; it is not an Olympic exercise but a meditation method to bring to the surface emotions and issues that have been blocking the free flow of your life. Her painting that day was a puddle of tears. Over the 14 days she went through her rage (at me, then at the real man in her life) , her sadness, until she connected once more with her forgotten self. She was renewed… and grateful.

I do not know what your disease is about but I do know from years of being involved with these issues that Dynamic Meditation always brings a change for the better. Your ideas about Dynamic are probably from long ago, and today you are very different, but all it means is that you bring yourself, each morning to face yourself, and be totally in your ‘yes’.

Holographic Self-Healing needs your full participation, your yes. It is a gift from you to yourself. I am simply opening the door to an old and respected friend.

I hope that you can muster enough courage and enthusiasm to come to Aegina. That will be the biggest decision. Once you are there your original decision “yes, I am going to go for it” will bring its own rewards. It is not from me, your ‘yes’ brings its own rewards.

I decided to ‘go for it’, went there for two years and gained a lot. Certainly it was part of my healing. After the first year I wrote an article for OshoinUK about my experiences.

Prem Yatro

Group dancing cr Yatro

Beloved Devageet,

I have known you for 44 years altogether since we took sannyas, and I always loved you. You were Osho’s dentist but also a dear friend who used to come and help us make croissants while we worked in Zorba Kitchen in Pune years ago while Osho was in the body.

Thank you for all your lovely groups and trainings and wonderful sessions that penetrated my soul. I feel you still so close. I know you haven’t gone anywhere at all. You are still here with us very close. There are very thin lines between dimensions and you are still here; thank you for that and for everything.

Love from

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