Podcast: Vedanta – Taking Osho’s message mainstream

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Vedanta talks to Swaram about her path to Osho, working as a medium in the Mystery School, a near-death experience, her institute, and spreading Osho’s vision in the world.


Episode 61
Taking Osho’s Message Mainstream

Vedanta had the fortune to live her twenties in the presence of a living Master in a creative and stimulating environment. Vedanta honed her natural talent as a medium living in the Osho commune surrounded and supported by experienced professionals. After a near-death experience, surviving a plane crash, Vedanta flowered into a mature therapist and took the courage to bring Osho’s message mainstream. Vedanta founded a school in Greece and works closely with the Greek education system bringing light, authenticity and Osho’s energy to the world.

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“I will meet a Master – he is from India…” – Vedanta speaks about her work using channelling, intuition and energy work, in an interview with Osho Cable TV


Chetna and Swaram run the platform Love Osho and teach Osho’s meditations in Singapore. loveosho.com/podcast


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