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Sarita shares her thoughts and insights on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

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Love is omnipresent in the universe. Our essential nature is love. And yet, we forget, we feel lack, we search for it and we mourn when our world appears to embrace hatred, fear and suffering. Kabir, the great mystic poet is reported to have said, “Asking where is love is like the fish in the sea asking ‘Where is the water?’”

The State of Forgetfulness

When we are not aware of love’s presence in our lives, we are actually in a state of forgetting our reality. Just as some persons are affected with Alzheimer’s, and may forget the name of their loved ones, many people have Alzheimer’s of the soul and have forgotten that life is love. The process of forgetting has been purposely or unconsciously programmed into us. As we move on our life path, we have the power to release wrong conditioning and programming and discover the reality of love as our natural essence of being.

Remembering Life Is Love

As we become more and more sensitive, we may realise that killing animals for food is against our essential human nature or that war is not the way to solve problems. We realise that each life is sacred and that our role is to be custodians of nature rather than her destroyer.

When someone identifies with pain, the release of pleasure hormones diminishes. When we identify with pleasure and joy, pain is diminished. As scientist Candace Pert says, “Our bodies are hardwired for bliss.” But with all the pressures of survival, we may forget this fact.

Mystics down the ages have been reminding us: “Remember, remember! You are love. You are bliss. You are consciousness!” It is interesting that when people die, before death comes, they remember that life is love. People who come back from a near-death experience, carry a profound awareness that life is love and this gives rise to gratitude. When we give birth, or when a baby is born, we remember that life is love – just by being close to the baby.

Intimate Loving

When we meet someone special and experience intimacy, we call this ‘falling in love’. It is interesting that this phrase is used to describe the love phenomenon. In actual fact, we don’t ‘fall in love’. This term describes falling into the animal instinct of sexuality and so-called civilised persons believe this is a fall from grace.

When we are in love, it is actually a reconnecting with what is inherently true in humans; tenderness, empathy, joy, sensitivity and a psychedelic experience of life. To share this with another is an exquisite and sacred gift of the divine. It is a reminder that the divine is already present in our bodies, emotions and psyche. […]

Love, Consciousness and Bliss

There is a saying that to be in love is to wear ‘rose-tinted spectacles’. I say, being out of love is to wear dark glasses which don’t allow light into our experience of life. When we remove these dark glasses, we will understand that life is not meant to be a dark path of sorrow and despair. It is meant to be a dancing, hugging, joyful path full of light and love.

When we realise this, we will throw off our shackles of ignorance and embrace a life of Love, Consciousness and Bliss.

Like Attracts Like

Some persons may think, “Yes, it is easy, so long as you meet Mr. or Ms. Right.” Actually, Mr. or Ms. Right show up when our inner vibration is in resonance with love. Like attracts like. If I am a spiteful person, I will attract spiteful people around me. If I am a war-like person, I will attract more people of this type. If I throw off the shackles of wrong conditioning and open to love within myself, I will attract loving beings around myself.

This is a basic law of attraction. If you wish to attract someone loving, become love. If you wish to attract someone beautiful, live in beauty within yourself. If you wish to attract someone fun loving, become a fun person!

Many people hope to attract a saviour. Their inner dialogue is; “I am miserable but a saviour will come and bring me the experience of joy.” What will actually happen is that two persons with the same inner dialogue will be attracted to each other, i.e. two miserable persons.

Love Is the Greatest Healer

The fact is, we cannot escape from facing our inner shadows, karmas and incomplete life issues. Meditation, Personal Development and Tantra all help us to release the past, open and discover wholeness. This state of wholeness is always rooted in love.

A great healer, Peter Mandel, who I studied with for 7 years said, “Illness arises in places within where love is not. When we can bring love to that place, healing will happen automatically.” This is a very profound statement, which I have observed is really true. When we enter deeply into any inner pain, or ill area within us, and we go through a process of releasing the cause, this area which was in stagnation can now open to receive love and come back into resonance with the default setting of life.

Strategies to Avoid Pain

Many times, we actively push love away because we have been wounded in the past and don’t wish to feel that same pain again. We are afraid of our vulnerability. We need to gather courage and be open to the surgery provided by love. Because, in actual fact, when love arrives in our life, it seeks to throw out whatever is not love. A big housecleaning may happen where all kinds of old wounds, vulnerabilities and incomplete issues come up to the surface, to be acknowledged and released back to source.

Just imagine how many pages of writing, how many songs, how many films are all devoted only to one subject, the subject of love. It is something that consumes almost every waking moment in the life of humans. And yet, we don’t make this a priority in our culture. We make priorities of money, recognition or gluttony. These are all substitutes for love.

Returning to Love

The whole spiritual path can be put into a nutshell; “Return to love, and become love itself.”

Travelling the path of love is as natural as breathing. It is a vibrant, juicy path full of laughter and celebration. As you open to this path, it will take you to your original essence as a human being.

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Sarita is a Tantra teacher and writer. She gives workshops and trainings worldwide.

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