Ma Yoga Sambodhi


(11 February 1934 – 16 February 2020)

Ageh Bharti and Yoga Sambodhi

Ma Yoga Sambodhi took sannyas from Osho on 23rd January 1971, on the same day as her life partner, Ageh Bharti, whom she had married in 1951. The couple have four children who all took sannyas in 1976: Swami Krishna Bharti, Swami Raghavendra Bharti (aka Raghu), Ma Kiran Bharti and the youngest, Swami Amrit Bharti.

Ageh Bharti writes:

During the seventies Sambodhi hosted sannyasins in our home for 20–25 days every month – known and unknown, western and Indian. She always cooperated in getting our sons and daughter love-married with another caste, religion and even country. She always supported me in every endeavor I was involved with relating to Osho and his work.

She passed away yesterday at 17.40, at the Central Hospital in Jabalpur. She had been having heart problems for some time. After having already been hospitalized for nine days, she was shifted to the ICU where she lay in a coma for four days, until she left her body.

Yesterday I saw her for five minutes being in a helpless state. Then I mainly sat for about three hours in the waiting room until I went home. I was not going to return for a second time, but then my grandson came with a car to take me to the hospital as the doctor had said Sambodhi’s condition was deteriorating.

After seeing her for a few minutes, I went to the waiting room again and stayed with some friends for about two hours. Then suddenly I thought I must see her for a few minutes again. I went into the room, and as I put my right hand on her head and looked at her breathing, it started slowing down and slowly stopped. It was beautiful that the moment I put my hand on her head, she passed on.

Update 21.2.2020:

Sambodhi was given a beautiful celebration at the Narmada ghat, on 17th February, with about 120 sannyasis, lovers and Ageh’s campus neighbours. The sannyasins came some from the Jabalpur ashram, others from far away – from Katni, Satna and Gotegaon.

There was a large space at the Narmada bank; friends were scattered along the river, but many times they stood together – it then looked like a large attendance.

The Narmada river
The Narmada river near the ghats – photo credit: Bhagawati

A letter Osho wrote to Sambodhi:

Dear Yoga Sambodhi,


Have given you a new name – for new birth.
This is to break the ties with the old –
so that the chain is broken.

A gap should come up in the hope
that an insurmountable abyss is created.

Forget what you were,
forget that which came as a dream
and has now gone.

And remember that which is Eternal,
unending and ever new!

Call that which is eternally new and recognize it.

Although that alone is beginningless too.

Rajneesh ke pranam


Published in the book Beloved Osho by Ageh Bharti


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Om Shanti Shanti Shanti..hi… 💐🙏
Krunal Patel (Dhyan Gaurav)

कहने के लिए मेरे पास बहुत कुछ नहीं है लेकिन मैंने जब मां का फोटो देखा तुम्हें आश्चर्यचकित रह गया विलक्षण जोड़ी स्वामी आयु भारती मैं स्वामी आयु भारती से मिलना चाहता हूं और कभी गम से संपर्क कर सकता हूं
Rajesh Raghu

Beloved Sambodhi,
I met you at your home in 2017.
How blessed you were to be in Osho’s presence for so many years.
Sending love to you, Ageh, Kiran, Raghu, the excellent chaiwalla!
Blessings on your journey!
Boulder, CO

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