Podcast: Bhadrena – Osho Craniosacral Therapy

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Love Osho’s interview with Bhadrena; she talks about how she met Osho, her experiences in Rajneeshpuram and, of course, Craniosacral Therapy which she teaches.


Episode 64
Osho Craniosacral Therapy

For Bhadrena discovering craniosacral meant finding her professional call. Bhadrena had the opportunity to refine her skills in the Osho Buddhafield, working and experimenting with meditators rather than sick people. Bhadrena then started teaching and developed her own system. Nowadays the Institute for Craniosacral Balancing is an accredited school in Switzerland and gained the status of a recognised professional training.

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Punya interviewed Bhadrena for Osho News in 2018

Craniosacral Biodynamics – How and why does it work?
Part 1: Bhadrena talks about her passion and life-work, its history, what happens in a session and what the practitioners are trained to do, mainly orienting to wholeness and Health
Craniosacral Biodynamics – Benefits and Accreditation
Part 2: Bhadrena talks about the benefits of this therapy method, about embryology and the advantages her students get thanks to the recent accreditation of her school

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