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Love Osho’s podcast of Siddhartha who came to Pune as a 4-year old. He talks about meeting Osho, his special friendship with him, and the importance of Osho’s original work.

Little Siddhartha's energy darshan with Osho
Little Siddhartha’s energy darshan with Osho

Episode 68
Little Siddhartha Today

Siddhartha was only a small child when he met Osho, but behaved like a grown-up; he paid his respects to Osho in a ceremonial manner. Osho loved Siddhartha and enjoyed playing and spending time with him. Osho referred to Little Siddhartha on various occasions in public discourses giving him special attention.

Siddhartha has grown up into a wonderful man, and enjoys his professional success as a DJ musician.

In this episode Siddhartha shares memories of his time with Osho and his understanding of Osho’s work and contribution to humanity.

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