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In a letter, Siddho is asking: “Why wait for emergencies to be aware? Or to be compassionate? Or to be new and fresh every moment? Why not find out every day that our home is inside?”


Dear friends, dear travel companions,

It’s days I’ve been reflecting on the coronavirus situation, and it has to do with what this emergency is moving inside of us.

An emergency situation shifts consciousness to levels other than the ordinary.

Every day we take everything for granted: the possibility of doing what we ‘want’, the feeling that our decisions or desires can be fulfilled, that those who are close to us are, and will be there forever. A kind of deep illusion accompanies us, guides us, makes us ‘see’ reality through very thick glasses… And then, suddenly, here comes the unknown, something unexpected, and out of our control…

What are we really feeling? What’s hidden underneath our panic and our worries? Nothing but the fear of death. A reality that society, especially Western society, makes every possible effort to demonize, keep at a distance, and defeat.

But death is a reality. Do not misunderstand me: the efforts scientists, doctors, nurses and volunteers are presently making at the service of life is sacrosanct. We absolutely need to comply with the regulations and decrees passed in these days. But each individual is now called to go within and take their rose-tinted glasses off to deal with reality.

Yes, death exists, it exists at all times, it is the essence of the unknown, even if it’s the most certain thing we know of. It doesn’t really matter when and how it happens.

We should always be able to feel grateful to life for every little thing it gives us, and show it through each gesture, towards anyone. Likewise, we should be aware of the other, not only in an emergency situation but always, at any time.

Living consciously should be an enquiry we carry out every day, respecting everything around us.

In times of emergency, we are thrown into the Here and Now, we can no longer manipulate the present moment; there is no time to lose… we have to change our habits and relate to the present moment in a new way.

Why wait for emergencies to be aware? Or to be compassionate? Or to be new and fresh every moment? Or able to listen? Why wait for a coronavirus to slow us down? Why not be in a state of consciousness each moment?

Why not find out every day that our home, our only home, is inside? And that if we go inside and see the reality and accept it, we may find a core of peace.

We don’t need to get angry over trivia, and we don’t need to dominate anyone for the ego-driven joy of being right. How is ‘being right’ enriching our being? It only enriches our ego, the most superficial part of ourselves and separates us from the other.

What if we were in touch every day with a dimension from which to observe what is there, listen, accept?

Yes, it’s true, many people are dying and many are suffering around us and this deeply touches us all. But why have we never stopped, not even for a single moment, to see how many people are dying in faraway countries, in situations far away from us? Why do we wake up only when it happens to us? When it happens in our country? Why do we perceive ourselves as separate from our planet, from the other, from reality?

Because sleeping is more comfortable than being awake, because not thinking is more comfortable than feeling, because not taking responsibility makes us feel part of the flock, rather than perceiving the aloneness of awareness, that nobody sees and doesn’t earn us any awards.

Our awareness is an intimate journey, with no rewards or merits, without fame or outward wealth… it is our journey.

Reflect! Ask yourself: What is this moment giving me? What can I learn? How and what can I wake up to? How can I love myself? How can I love? How can I be present? How can I dissolve into inner silence? What are my priorities? How can I be in the moment, free of prejudice, fixed ideas, or manipulation?

Osho says that the Conscious Man does not fear catastrophe, he does not fear death, because nothing changes inside him. He has lived fully, consciously, and can die with the same simple totality.

So, it’s not about being afraid to die, it’s about having the courage to live!

It’s about being creative and in the here and now – in every moment. It’s about being grateful and compassionate – in every moment… It’s about living totally, having the courage to see and feel at 360 degrees. And in that totality, fear disappears…

With love and gratitude,



Siddho is the founder of Osho Tao Essence Institute in Milano and travels worldwide giving workshops and trainings in various modalities.

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