God is your nature


Osho says, “No man is an island.”

Osho darshan entering Chuang Tzu

God is indefinable, so no word is really adequate enough to describe him, but we have to use words.

This is one of the most beautiful words which comes very close in describing god. God is as infinite as the sky, as unbounded as the whole universe. No boundaries, no limits  –  and that’s your nature too: god is your nature.

God is not something outside, not something that belongs to the existence. It is the centre of all, it is as much yours as it is anybody else’s. We are different on the circumference but we are one at the centre. No difference at all at the centre. The farther we go from the centre we start becoming different; we start becoming persons, we start gathering personality, we start becoming faces, masks. The closer we come to the centre the masks start disappearing, the personality starts evaporating, we start becoming one.

That’s what I mean when I say: No man is an island. We are part of a vast continent, of an infinity, of an eternity, beginningless, endless. To know it brings great rejoicing, obviously, because to know it means there is no death, to know it means you have been here forever and you will be here forever. To know it means your inner purity is absolutely virgin, it has not been polluted. Thousands of lives have happened but it has not polluted you. Those lives have been just dreams. You have dreamed many dreams in the night but in the morning you are not polluted by your dreams. You may have been a murderer in the dream or you may have been a mahatma in the dream  –  it doesn’t matter. Whether you were a mahatma or a murderer, in the morning you find both were dreams, both were false and your reality has remained unaffected. Many stories we have lived, many dramas we have played. Many roles we have passed through, but this is the miracle that we are absolutely unaffected, we are virgin. Our inner purity is incorruptible.

Meditation will give you a taste of that incorruptible purity, of that incorruptible innocence and from there, one can jump into the ultimate, into the infinite.

Osho, No Man is an Island, Ch 2 (excerpt, unpublished)

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