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Interviews conducted by Swaram for Love Osho: Osho and the Prophecy of Nostradamus; Osho Neo-Sannyas and Reflections on Coronavirus.

NirgunaEpisode 69
Reflections on Coronavirus

24 March 2020

Nirguna learnt valuable lessons from Osho and is applying his understanding and experience to navigate through the current coronavirus situation. In this episode Nirguna offers helpful insights on how we can come through this delicate moment together by looking at the whole situation from a wider and holistic view.

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ArjunaEpisode 70
Osho and the Prophecy of Nostradamus

31 March 2020

Arjuna is one of the world’s leading experts on the prophecy of Nostradamus and wrote a bestseller about it. Osho commented on the book and then guided him on how to conduct his future work in the field of prophecy. In this episode Arjuna touches upon current affairs and the future of humanity, offering some prophetic revelations.

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JyotiEpisode 71
Osho Neo-Sannyas

7 April 2020

Jyoti was part of the first group of 21 people initiated into sannyas by Osho in September 1970. She spent many intimate moments with Osho and helped him in the early days to reach out to a wider audience. Jyoti dedicated her entire life to Osho. After he left the body, she became even more active; travelling across the world to conduct meditation events and spreading Osho’s vision. In this episode Jyoti sheds light on a crucial topic which is often misunderstood.

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