Mohan Bharti


…left his body on 10th April 2020.

Mohan with Vimla cr Prakasham Bharti
Mohan Bharti collage

Swami Mohan Bharti was one of the earliest sannyasins, and the first from South India. He was originally from a Marwadi Jain family from Rajasthan that had settled in Trichy (Tiruchi), Tamil Nadu, working in the jewellery business. He had to face tons of opposition from his traditional family members to pursue Osho’s work. He was married to Vimla, also an Osho sannyasin, who was always in support of his activities related to Osho. She was his shadow and always cheerful.

Mohan Bharti was passionate about bringing Osho’s work to South India early on. He opened an Osho Meditation Centre on the outskirts of Tiruchi, which later became Osho Teerth ashram, with residential facilities. From 1978 he organised and conducted meditation camps and gave therapy sessions. He even travelled to Rajasthan to facilitate Osho meditation camps in Falodi city.

Also in Pune 1 days, he started publishing the Tamil edition of the Osho Times, which continued for almost 35 years. Mohan Bharti also pioneered the publishing of Osho’s books and articles; he translated and had over 70 books published in Tamil language by mainstream publishers in Chennai. He also used to organise exhibitions at book fairs across South India.

Mohan Bharti was a very energetic and dynamic man. Also ‘famous’ for being the only Indian in the 70s to have done a big number of groups in Pune – even Leela and Encounter! Osho okayed that he could participate in any group, which was rare in those days and speaks a lot for the man.

There’s hardly an Osho lover or sannyasin from South India who doesn’t have a story to tell or instance to relate about him. He had touched many people’s lives. He was known to bring groups of 50-75 people interested in Osho to the Pune ashram, especially during the Guru Purnima celebrations.

Mohan Bharti left his body consciously and peacefully early morning at 3 am today.

Text and photos thanks to Dilip Satyarthi, Keerti, Prakasham Bharti, Dhananjay Singh and Osho Tamil


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Physically he may not be present, I still feel his Love showering on me. I missed a Great Soul. 🙏
Osho Srinivas

I got this news today of Sw Mohan Bharti leaving his body… My heart is filled with gratitude. I have known him since 1981 as I was in South India those days and used to visit his Osho centre in Trichy very frequently. In those days I was the only Osho sannyasin in a big town like Madurai and Osho had a very negative image. Thanks to Mohan ji for his sincere efforts and organising innumerable camps and Osho books exhibitions. Today in South India there are hundreds of Osho sannyasins and Osho’s image is very positive.

One can understand from the fact that as far as I know Osho visited South India only once, to Chennai. Maybe he thought it was too orthodox. But again, for the more than forty years of very sincere and continuous work by Mohan ji, Osho is a household name in South India. I could say about Mohan ji: he dedicated his whole life to his master.

I bow down to you, Mohan ji, and send you all my love and gratitude…



Met him in Sri Lanka. A loving man, a true devotee, his wife Vimla too. I visited The Osho ashram in Trichy in 2010 for a week; I did not do any meditations but roamed all over Trichy. He was cheerful and took me for breakfast, invited me to his house, took me to the airport, etc. His ashram is a poof of his devotion to Osho. Also whenever I phoned him, he would always ask, :Are you coming?”

Tears are in my eyes while saying goodbye Swami Mohan… And the saddest thing is that still millions of unfortunate people do not listen to Osho… But my present understanding is that, as Osho says, not any Tom, Dick and Harry can understand and, and what he also says, something like “Do not disturb them; they have to come back again and again…”

Prem Nalin


Dear sir,
The whole credit of popularizing Osho and Oshos meditation goes to Sw Mohan Bharthi. His tiring effort publishing the Osho Sannyas Tamil magazine, and Osho meditation campa have yielded in popularizing Osho. As a person, he is very kind-hearted, open, speaking the ruth without any prejudice. His therapy session Osho No Mind transformed me.
Thanking you.
Yours sincererly,
Sw Aroop neona alias Ram Hari k

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