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Sannyasins talk to Swaram on being a historian for Osho, their path with their Master and the joy of living alone.

RoshaniEpisode 72
The Osho Historian

14 April 2020

Roshani was a Professor of Political Science at the University of Oregon, Eugene, USA when she visited Rajneeshpuram. In her academic position, Roshani became an advocate of Osho and Rajneeshpuram, speaking up in the face of the unrelenting criticism and hatred being fostered by the media. In this episode Roshani talks about her role as historian in the Osho movement, her publications, what’s missing in the debate around Osho today and the incredible life story of her son Tarun.

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Roshani has written many reviews for Osho News, as well as a series of recollections: ‘Impressions from Rajneeshpuram’

SurahbhiEpisode 73
Osho Divine Fragrance

21 April 2020

Surahbhi came to Osho as a teenager and took sannyas “despite herself”. Her life changed forever and Surahbhi cannot even conceive a life without Osho. In this episode Surahbhi talks about her path and relationship with Osho, the way she shares happiness and her talent for singing.

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OscarEpisode 74
Living Joyfully Alone

28 April 2020

Oscar’s life took a dramatic turn in January 2008 when a small plane he piloted crashed in the Chyulu Hills; yet he miraculously survived. He has come a long way recovering from serious injuries and has bounced back strongly continuing his life with incredible energy. Oscar “blames” Osho for loving himself and enjoying his life in almost complete aloneness. Oscar is also initiated into the Masaai tribe and is occasionally involved in tribal ceremonies.

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Oscar has written many poems and reviews that were published in Osho News. In particular check out: Dinka: Legendary Cattle Keepers of Sudan (with video) and Oscar’s Bush Life


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