Podcast: Ojas – How to Stop Thinking

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Ojas speaks about his life in the commune and reads a letter from Osho which is relevant to the present crisis. He also talks about how meditation can help deal with physical pain.


Episode 76
How to Stop Thinking

12 May 2020

A theologian and ascetic Franciscan monk for twenty years, Ojas had direct experience of meditation for the first time after doing Dynamic Meditation. Feeling his body, senses and life energy awakening he decided to drop everything to be with Osho, who then guided him onto a journey from the mind to the heart. Ojas learnt from Osho how to stop thinking by activating the heart centre and living life more playfully.

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Witnessing is the key – Ojas writes about his life-changing experiences, from his first Dynamic Meditation, living in the ashram in Pune and commune in Rajneeshpuram, to the recent interviews he gave after the Wild Wild Country craze unfolded in the Netherlands


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