‘Wedding in Kotree’ from ‘Mela’


‘Mela’ is new project from Chinmaya Dunster and producer/DJ Ben Fordham, who met last year at the Devon Steiner school where they have a child in the same class.

Chinmaya has re-recorded ten tracks composed on sarod during the ‘90s and early 2000s around the Pune scene, all of which feature on his various CDs. Ben adds dance floor beats and electronic arrangements to create a result that is completely unique.

The video shown here is of the first track of the ‘Mela’ album, planned for release in early summer.

Chinmaya created this as a tribute to India’s adivasi (indigenous) peoples, using historical footage taken in the ‘30s and ‘40s when their culture was still intact. Mela’s motto is ‘Trance Your Way to God’ and to witness these people’s dances is to see that in action.

Osho on the adivasis:

“You will be surprised to know that in the aboriginal societies, there are no Buddhas – there is no need. The people are naturally entering finally into the fourth state*. As they become more and more experienced, and become more and more peaceful, centered, they start moving into the fourth state without any effort, without any effort, without any teaching, without any scripture.”.

From I Celebrate Myself, God is Nowhere, Life is Now Here, Ch 6

* fourth state = samadhi


Chinmaya, World Music composer and filmmaker. Ben Fordham, DJ/Producer.

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