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In this Love Osho podcast we hear Anam talk about how Osho used to guide therapists and also what he has learnt from Osho that helps him face the current crisis.


Episode 77
Osho’s Energy Through You

19 May 2020

When Anam arrived in Poona as a young man, he started working as a therapist, and Laxmi – Osho’s secretary at the time – would repeatedly tell him: “You therapists! It’s not you, it’s his energy through you.” He did not understand what she meant back then, but through trial and error he developed the skill to work from the Buddha within. In this episode Anam shares what he learnt from Osho about life and therapy by experimenting and getting direct feedback from Osho.

010 Anam with other therapists 1
020 Anam with other therapists 2
030 Anam - group darshan.
035 Anam - group energy darshan
040 Anam - energy darshan
050 Anam - group energy darshan

Today our guest is Swami Prem Anam. Anam took sannyas in 1973 and was one of the first therapists to work directly under Osho’s guidance, leading Primal groups in Poona. Today Anam continues his work as a therapist and is a regular contributor to the German Osho Times.

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