Podcast: Vasumati – Osho’s Vision on Relationship

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This week’s Love Osho podcast features Vasumati. Apart from the subject of relating, she also talks about the lines between catharsis and awareness, and therapy and meditation.


Episode 78
Osho’s Vision on Relationship

26 May 2020

Relationship has been a subject of fascination for Vasumati since a young age and is her path. She received direct personal guidance from Osho on how to use relationship as a way for transformation. In this interview Vasumati talks about her experience, her work and understanding of Osho’s vision about such a crucial dimension in everybody’s life.

Vasumati holds a degree in Psychology and is one of the original Osho therapists, specialising in co-dependency, relationships, and Tantra. Vasumati took sannyas in 1976 and her work is based on the interface between psychotherapy, spirituality and meditation.

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Relationship is one thing, interdependence totally another – Osho answers a question by Vasumati. Osho says, “When unhappiness comes one welcomes it, when happiness comes one welcomes it, knowing that they are partners in the same game.”
Relationships: why so many problems?  – Vasumati explores the causes of our relationship problems and maintains that we can use our relationships as a way to wake up.


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