Podcast: Samadhi – Osho, Hypnosis and Meditation

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Samadhi is interviewed by Swaram for Love Osho. He talks about the difference between clinical hypnosis and Osho de-hypnosis, and how hypnosis can be of help in our spiritual journey.


Episode 79
Osho, Hypnosis and Meditation

2 June 2020

Samadhi’s first meeting with Osho was a total shock that implanted in him the seed of awakening. After many years of therapy, groups and professional work with hypnosis, Samadhi realised that for him the only way out of trance is meditation. Today Samadhi lives a simple life, working, feeling Osho’s presence, and meditating.

Samadhi took sannyas in 1984 and is a family doctor and an anaesthesiologist. Samadhi trained in NLP and hypnotherapy and has worked in clinical hypnosis for many years.

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