Podcast: Atmo Ravi – How to play Osho Meditative Music

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Musician Atmo Ravi talks about the Osho community in Russia and poses a few questions to the ‘older generation’.

To celebrate the second anniversary, after producing 80 episodes with 250.000 downloads, Love Osho Podcasts has opened its net for a Saturday special to sannyasins who have not met Osho in person.

Atmo Ravi

Episode 80
How to play Osho Meditative Music

6 June 2020

Atmo Ravi was born in 1974 in Minsk, Belorussia, and presently lives in Moscow. He took sannyas in 1992 and is a musician and singer-songwriter.

Atmo Ravi came across Osho quite early in his life via a friend who gave him an “illegal” Osho book in post-Soviet Russia. Ravi fell in love with Osho and decided to sell his apartment to raise money and live in Pune. There, he had the opportunity to learn how to play meditative music and hone his skills in this particular musical genre. Ravi today plays music at various Osho festivals around the world.

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