Podcast: Prartho – The story of Osho’s logo

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Swaram interviews poet and artist Prartho. She talks not only about the swan logo, but also about Buddha leaving Osho’s body and the meaning of the name Osho.


Episode 81
The story of Osho’s logo

9 June 2020

Prartho had the honour to design the stylised swan chosen by Osho as his official logo. In this interview Prartho talks about the story of how the swan came about, its meaning and symbolism, and the logos before the final version of the swan. Prartho also shares how Osho influenced her as an all-around and multidimensional artist, as well as how Osho is perceived today by new generations.

Logos used by Osho
Logos used by Osho

Ma Prem Prartho took sannyas in 1980 and is a poet, designer and artist. She offers poetry and creativity workshops in various venues, including the College of Marin in California.

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