Aesthetic invocations from spoiled clicks


A slideshow of photographs ‘taken’ by Tarpan.

The Door Remembered
Showering Grace
Slow Sudden
Memory Archive
Sky Base
Life Etchings in the Darkness
Dancer's Robe
Radiant Deflections
Childhood Evening
Burning Past 1

While searching for some photos I came across these spoiled clicks. There have been hundreds of clicks that were spoiled, but these were not that much spoiled… in the same sense.

When I saw them again, I thought they invoked a vibe of unknown aesthetics, something enchanting – but can’t say it in words.

I loved them.

Just out of joy, I am giving them titles too.

Most of the pics were clicked unknowingly, clicked by mistake; some of them were real camera shakes, and some of them were taken while travelling on a friend’s bike.

I can’t claim any creativity for these pictures, but am humbled by the ‘somehowness’ of their beauty.


Dhyan Tarpan is a writer, translator and musician from Kerala.

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