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Cookbook author Maria-Carin talks to Love Osho about her passion, about her childhood at the Ko Hsuan School and the lessons she has learnt from Osho.


Episode 83
Say YES to life

20 June 2020

Maria-Carin (aka Ma Prem Karin) was born in 1983 in Detmold, Germany and took sannyas aged four. For eight years she attended the Osho Ko Hsuan School in the UK where she leant how to live in a communal setting, deal with interpersonal relationships and take responsibility for herself. Subsequently Maria-Carin rebelled against the “Osho conditioning” to then find her own integration.

Today Maria-Carin is passionate about healthy lifestyle, cooking and eating (she is the author of a cookbook!), as well as dancing. She is presently living in the UK.

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