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Abhi talks to Swaram also about meeting Osho, living in the commune, the Osho sangha before and now, and how new generations perceive Osho today.

AbhiEpisode 84
Writing songs for Osho

23 June 2020

Deva Abhinandan (aka Abhi) took sannyas in 1977 and is a singer, writer and meditation teacher.

After reading one of Abhi’s poems, Osho asked him to write introductions for his books. He went on to write some of the most loved and beautiful Osho songs. In this episode, Abhi talks about his creative process and how he gets inspired as an artist. He continues to bring Osho’s energy through music and meditation at various events around the world, as well as by leading meditations at the local Osho Meditation Centre in Boulder, Colorado.

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