Podcast: Suresha – Osho’s bodyguard

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Suresha talks to Love Osho about being a samurai and bodyguard for Osho, and what she learnt from him regarding healing and bodywork.


Episode 85
Osho’s bodyguard

30 June 2020

Suresha was living a conventional life when Osho entered her life. In an incredible sequence of events, she packed everything and left for India with her daughter to be with Osho.

Suresha was a Martial Art expert, hence was chosen to protect Osho as one of his bodyguards. She learnt from him the path to freedom by taking responsibility over her own thoughts.

Suresha has grown into a professional bodyworker and today shares her healing gift helping people regain health and wholeness.

Anand Suresha took sannyas in 1978 and is a healer, osteopath, bodyworker and author of various books. Suresha developed NeuroSomatic Integration™ and founded The Marin Center for Somatic Education.

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