Podcast: Tathagat – The Osho Centre in St Petersburg

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Swaram interviews Tathagat: why he decided to be with Osho, who is no longer physically present, and how Osho is perceived in Russia today.


Episode 86
The Osho Centre in St Petersburg

4 July 2020

Tathagat fell in love with Osho and never felt the need to look anywhere else for his spiritual and personal development. He felt the urge to open an Osho meditation centre in St Petersburg and after years of research for the right place, it finally happened.

Today the Osho Centre is thriving, growing, and keeps attracting lots of new and young people who enjoy Osho, his meditations and his flavour.

Tathagat was born in 1970 in St Petersburg where he presently lives, and took sannyas in 1991.

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