Ego is anxiety

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (131)


Osho Mt. Abu

I received your letter.
Now never worry about me –
not even mistakenly – for two reasons.
First: the day I surrendered myself for God
I transcended all anxiety –
because trying to look after oneself
is the only anxiety!
Ego is anxiety.
Beyond it: what anxiety? whose? and for whom?
Secondly: men like me are born to be crucified;
The cross is our throne
and our mission is fulfilled only
when stones are showered, not flowers.

But on the divine path
even stones turn into flowers,
and on the contrary path
even flowers turn out to be stones.
Therefore when the stones start raining on me,
be happy and thank God!
Truth is always received like this.
If you don’t agree
ask Socrates
ask Jesus
ask Buddha
ask Kabir
ask Meera.

My regards to all.

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