Podcast: Deva Premal and Osho

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Deva relates how meeting Osho and living in the communes influenced her life and what she feels when chanting mantras.


Episode 87
Deva Premal and Osho

7 July 2020

In this very personal and intimate chat, Deva talks about the details of her life with Osho and the sannyas community. It’s a heart-warming and touching sharing, revealing less-known aspects of Deva’s story including her family background. With innocence, simplicity and depth, Deva opens a window into her inner world and walks us through her journey with Osho.

Ma Deva Premal took sannyas as an 11-year-old child and moved to live in the commune with Osho when she was 17. Deva is a classically-trained musician and gifted singer, best known for her top-selling chant CDs and for bringing Sanskrit mantras into the mainstream.

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