Rama / Arno


(26 October 1951 – 12 June 2020)

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Ramabhajan was born as Arno Pusbatzkies in Munich, Germany. After a commercial apprenticeship, he worked for a chain of sporting goods shops. He would have liked to continue school and then go to university, but his father wanted him to earn his own money.

At age 17, he travelled with his frend Albert to Morocco, and in 1977, after having seen some sannyasins on his travels and back home – and approached them with many questions – he travelled overland to Pune where he stayed until 1980. His main activity was meditation, although he had started to work in the carpentry shop, but he soon quit.

His first family, the French family, he founded with Shyama. Together they had a daughter, Purnam (Jasmine). They still live in France and came to visit him also these last few years.

He also had a Spanish family; with Ana they had a son, Rama (aka little Rama), a martial arts instructor, who also continued being in contact with his father.

Rama took part – and his presence was felt – at the Osho Tribe Gathering in Munich in 2011, which was organized by Megha. Some of the photos in the slide show are from that time.

He lived in Bad Wörishofen, outside Munich, in the countryside with a garden overlooking cows in pasture and a water fall. He was working now and then as a gardener – even as a pensioner. He was physically very strong – a hand-on person.

In 2016 he contacted Gavaksha over Facebook – he remembered her from at least 1980 but she hadn’t. They slowly started to meet in person – his first present was a plant. Before they got together more seriously, she had to promise him that she would meditate together with him every day. “He was a devoted Osho lover – his room was full with Osho’s books,” she says.

Gavaksha was still married to her husband Roland who was not a disciple of Osho (and a total computer nerd). She was happy to be introduced to the many sannyasins he knew and to be asked to meditate. They immediately clicked. And he was happy to have finally found a sannyasin as a companion.

She says, “He just looks like a womanizer, but actually he is very shy, and very very respectful towards women. He treated me like a china figurine. As a young person he was rather loud, but with age he had become more and more silent, but his presence was always felt in the room.”

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He was a fantastic networker, everybody knew him and he knew everybody – and could get things done.

Many sannyasins have said things like: He has saved my life. He had a quality where he could not only see what was missing or wrong, but would actually get up and sort it out first hand. A real fixer. In German there is a beautiful word for such a person: tatkräftig.

This also shows in the fact that he was not happy to leave 72-year-old Roland live on his own. “We can never be happy if we leave Roland behind alone,” he had said to Gavaksha. He helped them sell their house near Munich, involving also his young friend, Andre, and get a smaller flat. Together they found an apartment for him in Crete, where he eventually also found a companion to be with. Sorted! The four of them would often spend time together in Greece and in Germany, in the same flat.

Another quality Rama had was his quality of being non-judgemental. He would never ask a person, Why did you do that? He always accepted people the way they were.

In October 2018 he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He immediately had chemo but almost died from it. The doctors gave him three month. Gavaksha remembers, “He was sitting with the doctor, crying like a child, and said to him, ‘Oh no, now that I have found my love! I want to live a little longer with her.’ He lived another one and a half year, going through chemo again. Although it was painful, he never complained.”

Madhu, one of his friends from the late 70’s in Pune but who had met him again only recently writes, “Six months ago he told me that he had not much longer to live. ‘Next week I may be dead’, he had said. We hugged and became friends again. He was an extraordinary kind man. He had many friends.”

“On 11 June, the day before he died, we had celebrated our third anniversary of being together, of our love affair. The next day he met up with friends at an Italian restaurant outside town. Like a real Zorba he ordered a bottle of wine worth 30 euros,” Gavaksha continues.

“The way he died is a typical Rama act: he got up saying he was not feeling very well, turned around spitting blood, pulled out his mobile from a pocket and fell to the ground unconscious. He died – the whole place covered in blood, in the arms of Andre, who loved him very much as if Rama was his father, the father he never really had. Ambulance, police cars… but nothing could be done – he had already lost too much blood. Apparently the lung cancer had damaged an artery.

“This is how he went! He would certainly not die quietly in a bed…”

Thanks for alert to Megha, for text to Gavaksha (over the phone) and Madhu, for photos thanks to Roland and Madhu


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