Podcast: Prabhat – Osho, guns and the Armed Security Force in the Wild Wild Country

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In this Love Osho podcast we hear Prabhat talk about his early travels, working in Pune and at the Ranch farm, and his security work there.


Episode 88
Osho, Guns and the Armed Security Force in the Wild Wild Country

14 July 2020

In this emotionally-charged episode, Prabhat describes in details how the Armed Security Force was set up to protect Osho and the commune in Oregon. He tells the story behind the shocking images in the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country, showing Osho escorted by heavily-armed sannyasins, as well as military-style training and rehearsal. With clarity, honesty and lucidity, Prabhat talks us through those intense and critical historical moments, which represent the parable of Rajneeshpuram till its capitulation that culminated with Osho’s departure and arrest.

Swami Anand Prabhat took sannyas in 1975 and was chosen to lead the Armed Security Force in Rajeenshpuram (the Wild Wild Country) due to his previous experience in the Israeli army. He is a filmmaker, photographer and author of the photo book Is That So.

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